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I love the expedition Atlantis game!Erin, Student
I had the opportunity to use Expedition Atlantis with 5th and 6th grade students, and they loved the experience.  The students were highly engaged while playing the game, and they were able to play with little or no direction from me; it was that easy to administer.  Beyond merely drilling facts with the students, Expedition Atlantis guided the students through an exploration of proportional reasoning.  The students had a blast while learning a concept that will help form the foundation of their future math studies.Jason M., Teacher
The program is absolutely outstanding. Aside from the computers freezing from time to time, the kids are completely engaged and working hard. They have been completing homework, discussing, participating, and patient with all the computer issues. I have been so very pleased and excited about doing this project.Susan M., Teacher
The students as a whole are really enjoying the game. I've had several ask if they can download it and play at home (to which I said they could after this week). The game really seems to be an effective hook for teaching proportions.Dave S., Teacher


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