Download Robot Virtual Worlds Software and the Various Worlds!

ROBOTC for LEGO Robot Virtual Worlds

This software is needed to use RVW with NXT robots.

ROBOTC for VEX Robot Virtual Worlds

This software is needed to use RVW with VEX robots.

Virtual Brick

Use the Virtual Brick to program using NXT-G, EV3, or LabVIEW.

Curriculum Companion

Table challenges with popular ROBOTC curriculum.

Level Builder

Create your own RVW levels and challenges.

Expedition Atlantis

Explore Expedition Atlantis; be challenged by epic proportions!

Ruins of Atlantis

We thought Atlantis was a myth. We were wrong.

Palm Island

Game, introducing students to ROBOTC and programming.

Operation Reset

Game, introducing students to advanced programming.

VEX Nothing But Net

This year's VEX game has you shooting the game balls in high or low goals!

VEX IQ Bank Shot

You'll need to come up with some trick shots for this year's VEX IQ game!

FTC Cascade Effect

Play RVW FTC based challenge!

VEX Skyrise

Play the VEX Skyrise challenge!

FTC Block Party!

Play the '13-14 FTC Block Party

VEX IQ Highrise

Play the VEX IQ challenge: VEX highrise!

Challenge Pack for VEX IQ and EV3

All of the challenges from the VEX IQ and EV3 curriculum.

VEX Toss Up

Play the '13-14 VEX Toss Up.